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Bespoke exhibition stand hire

Hiring bespoke exhibition stands gives you the flexibility to deliver a more engaging stand than you ever thought possible by blending bespoke custom features with hired architectural elements.

Traditional custom build required your stand to be fabricated from scratch. With more companies exhibiting infrequently, or with fluid plans, it’s ever harder to justify a fully custom stand.

Considering a bespoke exhibition stand for hire offers value and convenience to exhibitors wanting a custom design without the budget, show schedule, or ROI to justify a traditional custom build.

Exhibition stand rental may conjure up thoughts of tired, off the shelf, non-unique designs, but bespoke hire is something totally different.

Find out more about how we can stretch your budget and increase your ROI.

Investing your exhibiting budget in the right areas:

We know that delivering a stand on budget is important to marketers. But, only 65.5% of marketers we surveyed at Marketing Week Live are currently getting the balance right between budgeting for: stand structure, design features and the all-important engagement tools.

The wrong mix can have serious consequences when an exhibition doesn’t deliver ROI that they had hoped for if it looked great, but didn’t help their team engage more visitors and collect better data.

Stretch your budget without compromising on aesthetics:

We reduce your investment on structure. We do this by blending our extensive hire inventory of architectural structure, lighting and feature elements such as counters, kiosks and archways, with custom fabricated elements to deliver a totally unique design.

Beyond the behind the scenes skeleton of your stand, we use an insight driven approach to tailor our feature elements to brand identities. Thus enabling every brand to be elevated using our hired inventory without it ever looking like a rented exhibition stand.

Allow your brand to stand out:

Although the aesthetics and ergonomics of a stand are important to catch attention and facilitate on stand activities, marketers increasingly need to focus more on the experience they wish to deliver.

Making sure that people leave their exhibition stand wanting to work with their brand, feeling inspired, motivated and with a positive and memorable experience is of equal or greater importance than the recollection of how stylishly the brand was presented.

Nimlok’s engagement ideas, funded by the tangible savings of bespoke hire over traditional custom designed and built stands can combine to deliver greater ROI without increasing your budget.

Find out more about how you can deliver a positive and memorable experience on-stand with Nimlok’s stand engagement.

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