Pop Up Stands


Nimlok’s pop up display stands provide maximum portability, and are quick and easy to assemble. We offer curved and straight solutions which can be assembled in seconds. The pop up display frame even pack away neatly and quickly into the provided display case counter. The traditional Nimlok pop up display is still a best seller, and is even more improved with a fully magnetic pop up system for more efficient assembly.

Our pop up display stands offer an uninterrupted graphic surface our exhibition display graphics are printed using the highest quality materials to ensure that they are robust and will not curl or delaminate. Nimlok’s in-house graphic production and manufacture capabilities uses the latest digital display stand print technology which makes the pop up display stand the perfect vehicle for striking high impact exhibition display graphics.

Our pop ups are perfect as a standalone display and can be easily integrated into a large exhibition stand, creating a continuous display graphic back wall. They can pack into an easy to handle wheeled, moulded pop up display case which can even be converted into a counter. The case will hold a standard pop up display together with display panels and lights making the display stand completely portable.

Our pop up display packages include pop up frame, magnetic bars, graphics, lights and a wheeled case (which can convert to a counter) all for prices starting from £805.

You could even purchase a display counter to add extra storage and impactful graphic area to your display.

Don’t forget to download the pop up display graphic template and instruction sheets should you need some more information on the products specification.

Unsure which display stand you require? Don’t hesitate to call us on 0808 252 0066 or email us at portables@nimlok.co.uk and a member of our team will be happy to help. We also have a range of larger modular exhibition stands and custom modular displays if you are looking for something bigger.