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Audio Visual Solutions for your Exhibition Stand

The exhibition or event audio visual needs are very different to those of a permanent installation. In the exhibition environment there are factors which affect content and hardware presentation of that content:

  • There is only a certain window of opportunity to capture an event visitors attention
  • Loud or non-applicable audio can deter a visitor- exhibitions are not a captive environment
  • Long and painstaking presentations do not fit into the tight schedule show visitors set themselves.

Sometimes A/V may not be the ideal communication vehicle for your message and a graphic based “voice” me be a better device. At Nimlok we help you to identify a need for audio/visual content and if suitable, integrate it into your solution and deliver it seamlessly in the field.

Popular hardware from PC’s to Large format screens are available off the shelf, whilst sophisticated, bespoke multi-screen systems and custom solutions are configured by our team on request.

Our advice is to talk to us about your plans in the exhibition and event arena that we have been working in for nearly 40 years.