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What we do at Nimlok

We aim to be an extension of your marketing team and offer expertise in exhibition stands, stand design and much more. Call us now or request a brochure to find out more.

Nimlok - An extension of your marketing team

At Nimlok, our clients come first. Before we even begin to conceptualise and plan your exhibition stand or portable display, we sit down with you to find out your exact exhibition and display needs, goals, and objectives.

  • Think about what you want to achieve from the exhibition or event. It might be :
    1. Lead generation
    2. Appointment making
    3. PR coverage
    4. Brand awareness
    5. Market research
    6. Networking
    7. New product/Service to launch
  • Consider your target audience and how you intend to get them to your exhibition stand or to your event.
  • Think about your competitors , what they will be doing and where will they be positioned.
  • Think about how your company is perceived in your industry.
  • Think about how you can measure your objectives to show a real return on your investment.

At Nimlok we consult with you about all of these points and really listen so that we thoroughly understand your needs, and understand your competition.

Only then do we start to create your unique exhibiting or event solution. Through understanding your needs we create the solution and ultimately deliver your expectation. As well as building your exhibition stand on the show floor and taking care of your on-site requirements, we even invite you for a preview of your exhibition stand or display at our facility before we ship it.

We partner with you to make your exhibition stand, portable display or event dream a reality.

Find out how by emailing us or calling 0800 111 4001

Your single source solution for exhibitions and events

As a one-stop shop solution centre, we can take care of all your exhibiting and event needs at Nimlok. Nimlok exhibition stand designers and graphic designers specialise in cutting edge design ideas that creatively communicate your brand. With award-winning exhibition stand designers and graphic designers, complete in-house graphic production, custom fabrication and fabrication architecture abilities, production facilities, installation and dismantle service, and warehousing space, we do it all right here. All you have to do is show up.

Contact Us for more information or call 0800 111 4001