The similarities of exhibiting success and sporting success

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With the summer of sport set to continue with the Commonwealth Games this week, my thoughts have turned to running. Not the pounding the streets, sweaty kind, but more the running of a good exhibiting strategy. Just as energetic and muscle testing from experience, but with a lot less Lycra! So just how does exhibiting compare to sporting success? Preparation and ambition is key Ok, so planning 10 years ahead for an exhibition stand may be a little OTT, but Rory McIlroy’s dad’s decision to place a bet on his son winning an Open back in 2004 has made him £50,000 richer. So the lesson to be learnt
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Case study: Communicator Corp

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At Marketing Week Live, we popped by Communicator Corp’s exhibition stand to ask them about why they exhibited at the event, and why they chose Nimlok as their supplier. Watch their video testimonial, where you can see Communicator’s stand in action with Michael Barber, head of marketing at Communicator explaining their objectives, engagement techniques and reasons behind choosing Nimlok. Exhibiting objectives Michael Barber, head of marketing at Communicator explains: “We’re here attending Marketing Week Live mainly to raise awareness of our brand. We’re in a fairly competitive marketplace and we’re also here to generate new business leads and opportunities and to engage our existing customers and partners. “We
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Trends for exhibitors, from our experience at Marketing Week Live

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I’m feeling pretty up beat at the moment. The exhibition industry is seeing an increase in visitor numbers – we heard last year unofficial figures of around 2% for B2B exhibitions, which is a cause for celebration! This was mirrored in our latest exhibiting experience at Marketing Week Live, where we saw hundreds of marketers and our preliminary number crunching suggest that we’ve had our best year yet. I think what we’re starting to see is people moving out of that hands to mouth phase that we’ve all been in through the recession. People are investing more of their time in the ‘idea’ space. So they are coming
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Welcome to the future: our winning student marketer is… Ryan Clifford

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Regular readers of this blog will know that earlier this year we launched a competition to find the student marketer of the future. We scoured the country, looking for the best and the brightest, and the good news is that we’ve found him (or so we hope!). The OutSTANDing! Student of the Year competition, which launched in March, asked student marketers to come up with an event-related marketing campaign according to one of three given briefs, for the chance to win £300 and a month-long internship with us and our sister agency Creative Bridge. The lucky winner was 19-year-old Ryan Clifford, who joined me on stand at Marketing
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Cashing in on new technology

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“If you see me walking down the street, and I start to… buy” Forgive the non-Dionne-like singing, but I’m feeling a little musically inspired by a glimpse of technology that pushes people to purchase and – for us events related people – to places! The world of m-commerce is now at a place where people such as Weve are able to target prospective customers with very specific marketing messages based on their location. As an example of how this exciting technology works, Weve did a trial with Tesco. They sent a text to women aged between 25 and 34 who were within walking distance of a particular store,
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Create positive, memorable experiences when you exhibit

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For me, a great B2B exhibition is one that I walk away from feeling inspired, informed and engaged with. After being showered with a plethora of activity throughout an exhibition, it’s often hard to recall every moment, but there are always a few that stand out in my mind. Whether you’re imparting emotional or knowledge based moments of value, this is the key to creating positive, memorable experiences that can help increase brand awareness. Here are my 3 top tips for exhibitors to create memorable moments with real examples of how we’ll be doing this for Marketing Week Live.  1.       Creating a positive experience As an exhibitor, it
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Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo the Fox?

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Fancy a cuddly Romeo? One of 20 could be yours! We’re bringing angled architecture to Marketing Week Live this year. It’s sharp, it’s ultra-modern and we love the different dimension that it gives to really cut through the noise at exhibitions and give brands a fresh perspective. This sharp-angled look is largely inspired by modern architecture such as the Shard and to celebrate this, we’ve hidden the Shard’s first occupant, Romeo the fox, on our website Romeo originally hit the headlines in 2011 after being found 72 storeys off the ground in the Shard. His story had a happy ending as he was released after a quick check up.
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Building a brand

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Whenever we work with a client, one thing we never lose sight of is the trust they put in us when handing over something of value – their brand. After all, this recent survey – BrandZ survey shows just how valuable a brand can be, with Vodafone topping the UK chart at $36,277 and international leading brand Google reaching $158.8bn. Often our role with brands is to ensure we comply with well-honed guidelines and create a 3D representation of what is often a 2D vision. But we also know more than a little about what makes a good brand. So with that in mind, and our thoughts turning to
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Marketing Week Live 2014: What’s your angle? Visit…Then Exhibit

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It’s hard to believe we’re now less than a month away from Marketing Week Live 2014. My heart races with a mixture of anticipation and excitement…and for good reason. It’s our flagship event and as we ‘exhibit exhibiting’ we need to shine. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for all exhibitors to flex their exhibiting skills and to share their knowledge. At Marketing Week Live this year, we’ll be asking visitors why they go to exhibitions so they can understand key drivers of visiting and then use this to their advantage when they exhibit next. Thinking cohesively about the visitor experience is key and really does play a big
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What the event sector can learn from the retail space

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If we are a nation of shopkeepers, then there’s an army of shoppers out there, and – given recent economic predictions – they aren’t afraid to spend. In a crowded marketplace, the challenge for the retail sector storeowner is to ensure it’s their store that encourages the consumer to spend more. This insight from Marketing Week shows some of the reasons people part with their cash. So what can we learn from this 1,000 person survey* in terms of what we do on an exhibition stand? 1. Atmosphere counts Ambience was selected by 41 per cent of respondents as being of paramount importance. Creating a good ambience on
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